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Curlew Lake Perch Fishing

Feb 20, 2023

We are catching Yellow Perch on Curlew Lake! The perch fishing has been pretty slow for the last 3 weeks on Curlew Lake. I spent Sunday scouting  and fished Monday with 50 quality perch from 8"-15" long and threw back another 25 small perch. We were fishing from 38'- 45' of water on the North end. The jig colors that worked the best for catching these yummy pan favorites were chartreuse, orange , yellow, red, and green tipped with spikes.  The bite has been good from sun up until about 2:00 pm on average.

 Many anglers have been struggling this year to catch perch on Curlew. However, I had the opportunity to meet 2 other guys (who were both originally from Wisconsin) that mentioned they had good results taking home a decent amount of fish--nothing under 8" in length. What has been working for us is finding an area where you know the perch are and start drilling as many holes as you can until you find them. The perch are on the move for their food! Good Luck Everyone!

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