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Curlew Lake Ice fishing 2023

Jan 20, 2023

Lets get to the important things first! Curlew Lake Ice Conditions

Curlew lake right now has 7" of clear solid ice and 5" of solid white ice. The warmer temperatures and rain we had a couple of weeks ago put a damper on the ice conditions for a bit. The colder temperatures this last week that moved in made everything solid again. Curlew Lake forecast for the future is bringing a great deal of cold temps for making even more solid ice. 

Ice Fishing Report

Our first day we did well taking home 60 perch that were fillet size. We threw back another 40 fish that were too small. The second day, a little slower, we ended up filleting 45 perch at the end of the morning and releasing another 30 small Perch. The Third trip, the guys caught 39 keepers and threw back 40 more small fish by 11:00 am.

 We have been fishing the mid part of the lake--fishing 30' - 50' of water 6" - 12" off of the bottom. For jigs, just about any Ice Fishing jig has seemed to work. They have been favoring Fire Tigger, Perch Pattern, and jigs with a combination of Green, Yellow, Orange, and Black on them tipped with maggots.

 For now, you have to weed through the smaller fish to pick up a mess of nice eating Perch. From the nice mess of fish I recently cleaned, their eggs are still immature. February (for us anyway) is when we normally catch much more larger numbers and larger fish! Good luck Everyone and be safe on the ice! 

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